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SGGEE focuses on the genealogy of Germans from Russian Poland and Volhynia with some help for related regions.

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Convention Update
Please see updated information regarding the 2018 annual meeting in Calgary, Alberta, for our 20th anniversary.


December 2017 SGGEE Journal
Erica MacMaster leads off this edition of the SGGEE Journal describing her experiences in Volhynia during one of the scheduled Volhynian Village Adventure Tours. Her story discusses her experiences with the Archives in Kiev and her success in gleaning valuable family information from its collections. Dr. Frank Stewner provides assistance to a previous SGGEE article regarding the locations of villages in present day Poland and reviews the naming convention instituted by SGGEE in maintaining consistency when documenting place names. Joan Allen writes an interesting article regarding her ability to use DNA results to determine with a high level of certainty her paternal familial line. Following on Joan’s article, Marilyn Bowker writes in “The Accidental Genealogist” of her ability to use DNA testing to find family members and thanking SGGEE for her successes. Finally, we provide three excerpts from a book recently published by Victor Gess, entitled “Portrait of a Homesteader”. Victor’s book chronicles his family’s travels from Volhynia to Canada and then on to the United States.


Volhynian Archives Indexes from 1900-1918
Volhynian Archives Indexes from 1900-1918 are now available in the Members Only section and are listed at the bottom of the Jump Start column.  These Indexes are from records which are in the Zhytomyr Oblast Archives and are not available online.  The records represent entries covering Lutheran births, deaths and marriages over the period from 1900 to approximately 1918.


Rozyszcze parish marriages (1862-1909)
SGGEE is pleased to announce a significant enhancement to the Volhynia-Kiev-Podolia (VKP) marriages database relating to the Polish (western) Volhynia area. In summary, all of the available Rozyszcze parish marriages from the founding of the parish in 1862 to 1909 (some 12000 marriages in total) with links to online scans of the original documents are now in the public and members only VKP databases.


Volhynian Flour Mill - artistry by member Les Ollenberg
(see our Credits Page for more art by Les)



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